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👉 Youth Mental Health Essentials: Training for Educators and Youth Workers

24 – 26 April 2024 | Belgrade, Serbia
The main aim of the seminar is to promote participants’ understanding of the concept of mental health and wellbeing, young people’s needs and activities and approaches that can support young people’s mental health.
Application deadline : 6 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 TOSCA – Training and support for organisations active in European Solidarity Corps
Training Course
20-24 May 2024 | Budapest, Hungary
This edition of TOSCA is focusing on active participation and civic engagement strengthening of the projects within the European Solidarity Corps.
Application deadline 10 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Inclusion & Diversity Forum 2024
Conference – Symposium – Forum
11 – 14 June 2024 | Ostend, Belgium – FL
THE place to be for everyone active in the inclusion & diversity field. The ID Forum will bring together 130 people to exchange expertise and practices and propose ideas to make the EU Youth programmes more inclusive and accessible to all.
Application deadline 11 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Connecting Rural Youth Work – International Youth Work Practices for Rural Youth Organisations

26 – 29 May 2024 | Waterford, Ireland
This is a two-day event for rural youth organisations, who would like to become involved in international youth work and international volunteering opportunities.
Application deadline : 15 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Burn the Bias: International Training Course on Inclusion and Diversity
Training Course
6 – 12 May 2024 | Best Western Plus Park City, Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm Sweden, Sweden
Are you brave enough to open your eyes and take an honest look into the mirror? Do you want to become a different youth worker, more able to welcome and include all human beings with their stories and backgrounds? Then this training course is for you.
Application deadline : 15 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Community Impact in European Solidarity Corps Activities
Conference – Symposium – Forum
12 – 14 June 2024 | Sofia, Bulgaria
You will get an insight into the most recent developments. You can hear from the European Commission’s representative about the importance of community impact. You can broaden your knowledge, You will hear about practical examples.
Application deadline : 17 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Let’s put on our intersectionality glasses! International training course on intersectionality for practitioners in the field of youth work!
Training Course
27 April – 3 May 2024 | Villa Böckelmann, Germany
Are you one of those youth workers who like to support diversity within youth work? Then we are interested in getting to know you, and to dive into this topic together!
Application deadline 17 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Life Competence as a Navigator for Change: A Youth Worker’s Tooklit
Training Course
13-18 May 2024 | Litochoro, Greece
The aim of this training course is to empower youth workers with the skills to navigate life’s transitions and foster resilient growth, to dive into innovative strategies and build a global network of change-makers in this dynamic learning experience.
Application deadline 17 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Learning in Volunteering projects
Training Course
13 – 17 May 2024 | Athens, Greece
Training course for European Solidarity Corps Volunteering project organisers to strengthen the learning dimension in their activities through reflection and Youthpass.
Application deadline 26 March 2024 by clicking here

👉 Let’s dream wider! Identity, Vision, Action
Training Course
4 – 9 June 2024 | Budapest, Hungary
Do you also dream about a society where everybody is included? Diversity and social inclusion are essential components for living together. Nonetheless, a lot of (young) people experience some form of exclusion.
Application deadline : 7 April 2024 by clicking here